2020 Summer Promotion

凡於7/3 夏季班開課前,同時完成『官網註冊』以及『填寫匯款表單的家庭,均可免費獲得一張,由台灣本土優秀-霧的森林Wood Forest 插畫家,特別客製10cm X 14cm的「紙漿 似顏繪」一張, 給您和家人, 滿滿無價的回憶! 
1. 活動會以家庭為單位,一個家庭可以獲的一張。
2. 活動僅限報名完整8週夏季班上課的家庭。
3. 似顏繪將從7/3 夏季班開課第一週開始繪製。
4. 繪製流程
到MTS官方Line帳號 (@mtsandiano)  
5. 若未在7/3-7/9 以『Line』完成傳送照片,將視同放棄。
6.照片人數限制為 1-5人,不能超過5個人喔!無法轉贈, 限本人使用。
7. 因需統一送件,請不要使用mail或臉書傳照片,只會以Line收到的為準。
8. 繪製順序會以傳送照片的先後順序為依據。
Music Together Sandiano保有隨時修改及終止本活動之權利,如有任何變更內容將公布於本網頁。




Summer Promotion: 
All families who have complete the registration by fill both [Summer Registration Form] & [Summer Payment Form] before July 3rd, can get one customized hand printed family portrait for FREE! 
Propmotion Notes: 
1. The customized portrait is one per family. 
2. The give away is only limited to families who sign up for total of 8 weeks summer class.
3. The hand printed project will begin from the first week of Summer session on July 3rd. 
4. Please send your photo to us via MTS official LINE @mtsandiano,
and make sure to marked down the class you have signed up, including your child’s name and your email address. No facebook or email account is able to transferred. Thanks 
5. If you do not submit the photo between July 3rd-9th via MTS line account, the give away prize is deemed abandoned. 
6. The give away is not transferable to other families and is limited to 5 people in the photo. 
7. The order will be based on the submission date. And it will be ready to pick up in class when it is ready. 
Music Together Sandiano reserves the right to modify and terminate this summer promotion at any time. Any changes will be post and published on this page.